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Shipmaster VIMS, the Vessel Information Management System, is a modular, integrated Fleet Management solution.
The Shipmaster VIMS modules have been installed over 150 sites varying from anchor handles to highly complex
oil rigs and LPG carriers. The success of implementation arises from comprehensive project management to the very
user friendly design. The Shipmaster VIMS is highly configurable and the replication engine ensures that office and
vessels are always synchronised.

Shipmaster PMS
is the core of the system and all other modules are seamlessly linked into this. Shipmaster PMS
is a comprehensive maintenance & inventory control system that meets the highest standards and it is type
approved by DNV.
Shipmaster PMS addresses requirements of TMSA.

Shipmaster Purchase facilitates users in office as well as onboard to follow a structured purchasing procedure that
can be easily audited. The integrated
E-Commerce Gateway not only connects to leading maritime portal of Ergo
but the
web interface provides direct connectivity to the vendors to respond swiftly to queries and purchase orders.

Shipmaster Dockassist gives the user total control over defect registration and complex project management like
drydocks. Facility to send out queries, compare quotations and invoice registration makes it a comprehensive tool.

Shipmaster SMART facilitates registration and analyses of accidents, near-miss and other reports such as
observations from inspections and audits. Follow up of report and
company response registration complete report.

Shipmaster Document Manager is a repository of company forms and quality management system
. The QA manager can review, update and deploy documents to vessels.