Planmain Quality Consultants
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Planmain provides comprehensive fleet IT and database services.

Fleet IT services : Planmain engineers can take up projects to set up and support PC/LAN network on board.
Our engineers will install necessary cabling, configure server and work stations.  Planmain maintains a vessel lab
that duplicates exact setup on board in order in order to facilitate quick resolution of any problems. Planmain also
maintains a
24x7 help desk center to respond to any queries from the vessels.

Fleet Data Services : Planmain database ‘factory’ specialises in catering to all database requirements. Our
data collection teams can attend to vessels at shipyard before delivery or in service. The teams will then collect
all necessary details to  build structured inventory databases that are key to successful PMS implementation.

Our vast experience with various leading maritime systems, enables us to convert data from legacy systems thus
achieving cost effective and quick implementation.

Planmin inventory teams go on board and get the inventory updated into the PMS with minimal disruption of ship
staff routine and assistance.

Planmain has a fully equipped training center where pre-joining familiarisation and briefing of ship staff.
The project manager will co-ordinate to build a
customised training courses to suit individual company requirements.